THE YEAR 2000 was the beginning, both of a new millennium and a new dream – Marc Ward’s “Xtreme” Land Rovers!

It all started at Marc’s idyllic home on the island of Barbados
when he decided to turn his dream into reality. At the time, Marc was part of group of avid Land Rover enthusiasts on the island. He drove a classic 1972 Range Rover himself. Now he wanted to build a “team” of the most extreme Land Rovers ever built outside of Land Rover’s own shops.

First on the drawing board was an endurance racer capable of anything from a drive to the supermarket to winning the 7,000 mile Dakar Rally. Next up, two amazing support vehicles later dubbed “the Rhino Chasers,” featuring a custom-built trailer made from the rear quarter of a Defender 110. These would be the ultimate in speed, strength, convenience, quality, comfort and exclusivity!  It took three years, countless hours of brainstorming, planning and collaboration – and now they’re available for sale to the discriminating enthusiast!

The Land Rover name is universally identified with the definitive four-wheel-drive vehicle. Theirs is a history of the best in design and engineering. Inspired by that legacy, when Marc set out to build his own custom Defenders he was committed to not just meeting the expectations of Land Rover engineers, but surpassing them!

Marc started out by purchasing his vehicles at a Ministry of Defense auction – assuring him of vehicles originally built to Land Rover’s most demanding military specs. Marc’s friend Drew Bowler, one of the finest Land Rover racers in the world, was able to provide many customized components directly from Land Rover’s own racing shops – and generally not available at all to the public! Many other parts were built from scratch to precise marine and aircraft stardards!

Minute attention was given to every detail. Even the paint job is special - Marc insisted on using the same coal tar epoxy paint used on supertankers. The battery cables are marine-grade. The roll cages took three months to build to Marc’s demanding specs. Even when the Rhino Chasers are parked, they automatically check the tire pressure. That’s why we believe it is not an exaggeration in the slightest to claim that these Xtreme Defenders truly are the ultimate Land Rovers ever available to the general public - and now they could be yours!

Ideal for TV, movies,
safaris, adventures,racing
and cruising in high style.
As seen in
Land Rover Owner International
October, 2004
copyright 2004-2005 Marc Ward
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